CAIS seeks to organise and deliver regular in-person "AI + pizza" events (CAIS Lectures) in Cambridge (UK), as follows:
  • serving the local AI community with high-quality — but nevertheless affordable — AI speaking events
  • non-profit — each event is designed to more-or-less break even (and in practice many/most will be lossmaking)
  • events are in-person (audience and speaker), as well as recorded (audio and video), but not live-streamed
  • each event comprises a ~1-hour tech talk followed by ~1 hour socialising (with beer & pizza!)
  • target audience is Cambridge-(UK)-focused
  • technical content is AI/AI-safety/AGI-focused
  • world-class speakers (local/national/international), each a recognised world-leader in their respective field
  • top Cambridge venues
  • minimal cost to attendees.
CAIS events (fulfilling these criteria) are only possible with the support of CAIS’s sponsors, each of which makes some significant material contribution. Otherwise the events would be inordinately expensive!
Please note that Cambridge AI Social is not affiliated with Cambridge University — we just share the same city!